We developed this Management System thinking of providing security and confidence to guests and clients when choosing our Chain for their trips and events.


Describe general activities adopted at Dann Hotels for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and environments, as well as control guidelines for external personnel, clients and collaborators that allow us to provide security and confidence in our operations.

It applies to all collaborators and processes within the hotel that will be responsible for cleaning and disinfection activities, controlling and ensuring optimal sanitary conditions for our clients, visitors, suppliers and the collaborators themselves, through controls during the activities carried out within the facilities.





We have antibacterial gel at the entrance of each access area for hand disinfection
PUBLICATION OF MEASURES We place in visible places notices with routine hygiene and disinfection protocols
REINFORCED DISINFECTION We eliminate the microbial load of air and contact surfaces. Periodically disinfecting all common areas, surfaces and environment. Our collaborators wash their hands with a minimum established frequency.
REDUCTION OF CAPACITY BY AREAS We reorganize spaces in the reception, lounges, restaurants and bars respecting 1.5 or 2 meters of social distancing.
ELEVATOR CAPACITY LIMITATION Maximum capacity of elevators to 4 people per route with the respective use of the mask, we signal the location area in each elevator.
PERSONAL CONTACT AT RECEPTION Signposted distancing, use of face masks and masks by reception staff, cashiers and spa are maintained. In some of our hotels we have established barriers at points of frequent contact and customer service (reception, spa counters and restaurant cashiers).
COVERAGE PROCESS IN ROOMS We minimize income to the rooms and preferably it will only be for cleaning and disinfection of the room. In some hotels we also enter to prepare a room to sleep.
TEMPERATURE TAKING COLLABORATORS We carry temperature control at the entrance and exit of each shift. We do not allow the entry of collaborators with temperatures above 38°C.
ENTRY OF STAFF TO WORK Hands are disinfected with antibacterial gel. Employees may not arrive wearing any uniform item of clothing, not even shoes.
PREVENTION ACTIVITIES DURING THE SHIFT Periodically during the shift they must comply with the related disinfection protocols, with hands, tools, PPE, contact surfaces and social distancing.





USE OF CONVENTIONAL FACE MASK A minimum of 2 corporate cloth masks are delivered to each worker for daily use and washing. In case there is no cloth, they will be delivered disposable
USE OF KN95 FACE MASK For waitresses, security, room service (if applicable).



For staff in rooms and public areas, it is necessary to use this type of glove throughout the shift; a change must be made when it is deteriorated and at least twice in the shift, as long as they are disinfected with an alcohol solution.
BIOWATERPROOF SUIT AND MONOGLASSES For chambermaids who clean the rooms of infected or suspected guests. Maintenance personnel entering these rooms.
MASKS Bell staff, reception and security.
  • HAND DISINFECTION: Alcohol-based disinfectant gel at a minimum of 60%.
  • FLOORS AND WALLS OF BASEMENTS, PARKING SPACES, TERRACES: 2% chlorine solution (20ml of chlorine per liter of water)
  • SURFACES OF ROOMS, AREAS, FURNITURE, SPRAYING ROOMS, OFFICES, HALLS, FOOD PRODUCTION AREAS, RESTAURANTS, BARS: Hydrogen peroxide at 0.5% (5 ml per liter of water) or recommended by the supplier.
  • DISINFECTION OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Peracetic acid: (According to the supplier’s recommended dilution) or 0.5% hydrogen peroxide (5 ml per liter of water) or recommended by the supplier.
  • FAÇADE DISINFECTION, OUTDOOR SPRINKLING BY NEBULIZATION, DISINFECTING MATS: Quaternary Ammonium: (According to the supplier’s recommended dilution).
BOOKINGS It is sent with the reservation confirmation, the link private and corporate clients who request it, the DC-SGB-002: General COVID-19 prevention guide is sent so that you are informed about the specific measures taken by the hotels.
  • – Gel is offered to disinfect your hands.
  • The use of face masks is necessary
CLIENTS INTERESTED IN EVENTS Our clients are welcome in the hotels and are received to discover our spaces and facilities. It is requested during the visit to maintain social distancing of 1.5 to 2 meters, avoid direct contact with executives.
TRANSPORT ALLIES (Transfer service) The transportation partner of each hotel always has disinfectant gel or alcohol available in the vehicle for use by the driver and passenger, allowing frequent disinfection of hands and contact surfaces (seats and handles). They wear masks at all times. The hotel carries out checks frequently.
  • We disinfect all exchange surfaces with clients and collaborators: bills, pens, dataphones and magnetic keys before storing them for reuse. In the hotels where technology is used to open doors by bluetooth, keys will not be delivered. Key holders will not be reused.
  • In information screens we locate a contact number in case of symptoms and at check-in we provide information about the medical assistance service available in case the client has symptoms.
  • We request that clients with risk symptoms remain in the hotel room while the doctor arrives and offer Room Service for their food to prevent them from entering or passing through common areas.
  • We do not allow the entry of meals into the hotel or the entry of courier personnel or addresses.
  • For the use of the Business Center we require that the client informs the reception of the hours in which he will use the area; which we keep disinfected, however, a disinfectant solution will be available for the client to use and provide greater security before and after the use of the equipment.
  • In case of presenting any symptoms, clients must:– Report immediately to Reception by means of a call, in these cases we ask the guest to avoid leaving their room until they are evaluated by the doctor and request their food to the room.
DURING CHECK-OUT Clients who present high-risk symptoms at check-out and have not been identified during their accommodation are offered the medical service and we request that, for prevention, wait for care and thus rule out contagion by COVID19.
BUTTONS We frequently disinfect the buttons when going up and down. When we receive suitcases, we apply a disinfectant solution and after taking them to the room or placing them in the area designated to store luggage, we disinfect our hands. In the button room or counter, we spray the environment from the inside out whenever an element enters or leaves the area.
MAINTENANCE The frequencies for the maintenance of the air conditioners were redesigned and increased, especially the cleaning and maintenance of filters. We ask the guest to wear a mask while the maintenance staff or any other area is in the room.
FOOD AND BEVERAGE PRODUCTION AREAS In all our production areas, the Good Manufacturing Practices determined in decree 3075 of 1997 and resolution 2674 of 2013 are complied with, endorsed by the favorable sanitary concepts of the Secretary of Health and quality certifications.
  • Breakfast for our guests due to the COVID-19 contingency is served at the table and there is no buffet service. Direct food service to the table protected with cover or vinyl. Salt shakers or other containers used by several people are not used.
  • The location of the chairs has been restructured to ensure the social distancing required by current national regulations.
  • All service and production personnel must wear masks.
  • Provision of antibacterial gel at the entrance to the Restaurant for all clients.
  • The areas are kept naturally ventilated.
  • Once the service hours are over, all the furniture, Tent card with QR code for the menus and contact items are carefully disinfected.
  • At the time of receiving the order, we ask the guest to have the mask on.
  • To pick up the order, the guest must wait until the hotel collaborator has taken a distance of 2 meters from the door of his room.

We restructure the capacity of the rooms in number of people, to guarantee social distancing of 1.5 m between chairs. All the assemblies in each room can be carried out taking into account this guideline.

Before the event:

  • The classrooms are completely sprayed with disinfectant product.
  • At the entrance to the salons there is an antibacterial gel dispenser.
  • All event attendees must wear a mask.
  • Bins with lids will be available in the salon for the disposal of face masks when the client wishes to make a change.

During the event:

  • The rooms remain ventilated before, during and after use.
  • We disinfect the areas at times when the client leaves the salon, with the spray method described above.
  • We protect handheld and wireless microphones with plastic material that can be disinfected, the equipment is disinfected with a damp cloth and alcohol.
  • We take the food protected with an individual barrier during the transfer from the production areas to the clients’ table.
  • Coffee stations will not be operated, hot drinks will be offered served at the table.
  • We have modified the logistics of the break so that customers can share the moment of the snack while respecting social distancing.


After the event:

  • We carry out disinfection of environments and surfaces according to the procedure already described


We carry out the cleaning of the room according to the Internal Room Procedure and in accordance with DC-SGB-001 Detailed Biosafety Protocol, which includes:

  • Individual protection of television controls, black out and air conditioning and glasses to provide confidence to our customers.
  • We apply effective concentrations of disinfectant to all room surfaces and equipment.
  • We spray the environment.
  • Additionally, some of our hotels have implemented the use of ozonizing machines that allow the disinfection and cleaning of the environment and the elimination of odors.
PUBLIC AREAS Ventilated areas are kept. Internal elevator buttons and panels on each floor are disinfected, as well as door handles, walls and handrails, telephones in public areas, if any, and all bathrooms with a disinfectant solution.
  • In the case of cleaning and disinfection of textiles (for example, bedding, curtains, etc.) they must be washed with a hot water cycle (70 ° C to 90 ° C) and add laundry detergent.
  • The bed linen and towels that arrive at the laundry in a closed bag must be treated with different security protocols, always using gloves and handling them separately from the rest of the clothes, it must always be guaranteed that these clothes are washed separately and that treatment temperatures reach over 90°C and with the normal detergent used for other laundry.
  • We do not allow people with symptoms to enter the facilities.
  • Social distancing (1.5 to 2 meters) must be kept during the use of the gym and wet areas.
  • Masks must be used while walking through the area, during exercise it is possible to remove it but keeping distance and silence to avoid contamination.
  • At the entrance we offer alcohol or disinfectant gel for the hands.
  • Preferably use other clothing to use the gym equipment.
  • We have surface and environment disinfection products available to customers who use the gym, who must apply them at each machine change.
  • All areas of the gym are ventilated, preferably it should be natural ventilation so that there is air exchange
  • From the purchasing area, schedules are established for suppliers, in order to serve them in a staggered manner.
  • Request the protocols they use for the proper packaging and transportation of the merchandise from each supplier and we verify their compliance.
  • The personnel in charge of receiving the merchandise must:– Wear a mask and gloves, maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, when signing receipt of invoices or verifying the purchase order, it must be done with their own pen. Perform hand washing before and after receiving the product, disinfect the merchandise immediately upon receipt. Likewise the reception area of ​​this.




  • Taxi drivers or external personnel will not be allowed to use the bathrooms of our collaborators.
  • Hand hygiene with alcohol-based antibacterial gel at least 60% or spray alcohol.
  • They must comply with internal protocol and/or recommendations for the development of their activities within the hotel for the prevention of COVID-19.

At the time of entry inform visitors or staff that they must wear a mask at all times that they are in the hotel.

  • All types of suspicion of possible cases or confirmation are immediately reported to Management.
  • It reports to the Departmental or Municipal Health Secretariat and the National Institute of Health.
  • The guest is notified of the need to stay in the room, in case there is no possibility of separating the centralization of air conditioners or effective controls that separate the air flow individually, it will not be possible to turn on the Air Conditioning and must be uninstalled manually by the hotel. Solutions will be provided for customer comfort such as portable ventilation equipment
  • The personnel related to the operation of that room must use: masks, gloves, monoglasses and the waitresses additionally bioimpervious suit.
  • The guest is informed that any request for room service is provided by leaving it at the entrance of the room and all food will be carried in luxury disposable crockery; We request that you inform us when your consumption is finished and later all the disposable items are left outside the room in a closed black bag.
  • During the quarantine time (after having had a POSITIVE result by the health entity), you must maintain isolation, it is not possible to circulate through the areas and you must keep the door of the room closed, as well as avoid personal contact with any employee nor receive visitors.

Hosting Service

  • The rooms of infected guests are cleaned weekly, during this time the provision of amenities and towels is guaranteed at the request of the guest, which will be left when leaving the room. The personnel related to the operation of that room must use: N95 masks, nitrile gloves, hat, mono-glasses and Bioimpermeable suit.

When cleaning this type of room, room attendants must:

  • Carry all the implements and products already ready in a bucket that includes sponges, bags and items that must be disposed of later, single use.
  • The containers of chemical products must be completely disinfected after finishing the cleaning.
  • Before going to the room, call and notify the client to clean up and go there, in this way the guest already prepares the bedding, including mattress protector and pillows in red bags and leaves it sealed before the assistant. Come in.
  • During the cleaning of the room, the guest must go to the next room, which will be empty, they are asked to sit on the auxiliary chair and do not touch any object while their room is being cleaned, access to the adjoining room will be enable with the key that is left under the door minutes before the attendant enters.
  • The toilet is done with the door of the room closed to check.
  • Internal cleaning protocol is carried out with disinfectant in higher concentration.
  • Carefully disinfect all furniture, accessories and sanitary items with disinfectant liquid determined by the hotel. Apply on mattresses and leave to act before putting on the mattress protector and lingerie.
  • Before leaving the room, spray your suit from head to toe with an alcohol disinfectant solution, closing your eyes for greater protection.
  • When leaving the room, the employee knocks on the door of the room where the guest is and asks him to go to his room, he moves away 2 meters away, once the guest moves, he enters the room where he was following the same protocol and performs cleaning of this
  • When finished, the waterproof Bio suit is removed and wrapped together with all the elements used in a large bag and includes (small bag with the sponges to dispose of, the lingerie bag, bottles with used chemical products).
  • Go directly to the laundry area, deliver the lingerie bag, spraying beforehand to avoid contagion from colleagues who must receive using all the PPE mentioned above.
  • Dispose of the completely closed sponge bag in the regular waste bin.
  • Submerge the bio-impermeable bag and other utensils located in a bucket at the housekeeper’s entrance in a soapy solution.

Twice a week the guest’s clothes will be collected, which must be left in a sealed red bag. The room attendant picks it up, completely sprinkles the bag with disinfectant liquid and delivers it to the external laundry according to the protocol established by them.

food service

  • The food requested within the established schedule will be delivered in luxury disposable crockery packed in a craft paper or plastic bag and located on the table (upper part) giving notice to the guest from outside without physical contact. You should not take a command for signature.
  • At the end, the guest must deposit the disposable crockery in a black bag, sprinkle it and leave it outside the room, calling room service first to pick it up.

All types of correspondence or shipments to the room will be located outside the room so that the guest can collect it by giving notice and leaving immediately.


  • Once the quarantine process is over and with the written authorization of the competent authority, they will be supported with what is necessary for their transfer, whether by medical, family or public transport.
  • If the guest requires help with the transfer of luggage, the guest must leave it outside for prior disinfection.
  • The total disinfection of the room will be coordinated immediately.
  • The waste generated during the operation can be disposed of in the same way as regular waste, with the exception that personal protection elements such as face masks and gloves must be disposed of in bins for hazardous or biological risk waste (face masks and/or gloves used disposable) that correspond to the BLACK color, it is important that they remain closed, double bag.

The DC-SGB-001 Detailed Biosafety Protocol is disclosed to all employees and this document DC-SGB-002 General Guide for Prevention activities is disclosed to our customers and suppliers.

The Communications Plan establishes:

  • Include in the training program giving continuous messages on self-care and on active breaks for disinfection to all workers and other personnel who provide services in hotels.
  • The staff bulletin board, places of entry and communications on social networks for clients are used as mechanisms for visible, legible, timely, clear and concise information on prevention and care measures.
  • Through the internal communication radio, it will be established at least every hour to be reminded by the security department or SST to wash hands
  • The Human Resources department keeps the complete database of collaborators updated.
  • The Operations department maintains the database of other personnel who provide services in the company, taking into account the protection of personal data contemplated in the current Habeas Data regulation.
  • The Occupational Health and Safety area investigates and consolidates the information of workers who live with people over 70 years of age or with people with pre-existing morbidities susceptible to the effects of COVID-19 contagion or who live with people who provide health services. health, in order to take extreme control and monitoring measures on them.
  • Process checklists based on the detailed Biosafety Protocol DC-SGB-001 and on this Guide have been implemented, which allow the Quality Department of each hotel to verify compliance by those responsible for each area. Identifying opportunities for improvement and obtaining specific metrics that allow timely action to be taken in the face of possible deviations.
  • These evaluations will be carried out frequently, verifying the totality of the processes and covering random verifications of internal and external personnel using the Dann Hotels biosafety checklists.