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Dann Hotels, an excellence hotel chain

8 destinations in Colombia and 1 in Ecuador

Dann Hotels is the hotel chain that is the most remembered and trusted in Colombia. Nowadays, it has 13 hotels with more than 1,800 rooms in 9 destinations. It offers three lines: Dann Carlton, characterized by its luxury and comfort; Dann Traditional, designed for travelers who like the best at incredible rates; and Dann Apartments with everything you need to be comfortable comfort during long stays.

Irresistible plans

Dann Hotels offers plans at irresistible rates that allow you to stay in luxury hotels that will take care of you and make your vacation a surprising and unforgettable experience.

Elixia Spa is fullness

Dann Hotels has designed this relaxation and personal care experience that is a real treat for the senses using natural elements, aromas and textures for well-being and beauty.

Dann is international food

At Dann Hotels you can enjoy a wide range of gastronomic experiences: from international food to the best flavors of the sea and the land.