Quality and Sustainability Policies

At Dann Organization we make sure that our clients receive a personalized service in an environment of hospitality, kindness and excellence; We work with a competent, empowered and committed human team that, through quality processes and practices, ensures the loyalty of our clients and guarantees continuous improvement in order to obtain the optimal return on investment for shareholders.

We are committed to minimizing the negative impacts on environmental, sociocultural and economic resources, based on principles of sustainability, we strive for our employees, guests, customers and suppliers to participate in the promotion and conservation of cultural and natural heritage through actions and programs that contribute to its preservation and rational use of natural resources, without affecting customer satisfaction and benefiting the community and complying with applicable requirements.

Likewise, our allies know and are committed to the protection of children and adolescents, with which we prevent any form of child exploitation”.

Dann Sustainability Goals

Develop the skills of collaborators based on real needs, contributing with this to the development and strengthening of their skills, so that they perform the tasks and functions associated with their job efficiently.