Dann Policies (Conditions and Restrictions)


“That in accordance with the Consumer Statute, you have the right to withdraw, as it is a transaction of those provided for in article 47 of Law 1480 of 2011. *If you make the reservation through the website www.hotelesdann. com or the Reservation Center, the maximum term to exercise the right of withdrawal will be **five (5) business days counted from the confirmation of purchase.
The withdrawal may not be exercised when the service has begun. To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must send an email to reservations for each Hotel*** if you made your purchase through that channel, or to [email protected] for reservations on the WEB page. The money that would have been paid without deductions will be refunded within a term not exceeding thirty (30) calendar days, counted from the moment in which the right is exercised in the name of the reservation holder or by reverting to the credit card used for the purchase”.
*Ecuador: Organic Law on Consumer Protection (Law No. 2000-21 Chapter VII Contractual Protection Article 45)
** Ecuador: Three (3) business days.
*** Email Hotel Reservations Department:

VAT Exemption Tourist Package for all NON-Residents in the country: Established in Article 481 ET literal d) and regulated in decree 297 of 2016, resolution 6045 of 2017 and resolution 3167 of 2019.
This VAT exemption is aimed at NON-RESIDENTS in Colombia, nationals or foreigners.
VAT exemption will be granted to the new type of “V” visa (TOURISM/BUSINESS MANAGEMENT) mentioned in resolution 6045 of 2017.
The VAT exemption will be granted to the “PT” permit (TOURISM/BUSINESS MANAGEMENT) mentioned in resolution 3167 of 2019, which groups the previous ones (PIP-3, or PIP-5, or PIP-6, or PIP- 10). The PT permit will be granted to foreigners who carry out activities such as medical treatment, attendance at cultural, scientific, sporting events, conventions, or for tourism or business.
The support for the DIAN of this exemption is the copy of the passport or visa where the entry to the country with this permission mentioned in the previous point is evidenced.
If guests enter the country through any of the facilitators such as Biometrics or Kiosk, VAT exemption may NOT be granted, since these processes are not yet regulated in terms of the tax part. If the guest wishes to be granted the exemption, He/she must go to immigration at the El Dorado International Airport to obtain the corresponding visa for the exemption.
2. VAT Exemption Hotel and Tourism Services – Tourism Meetings, Congresses, Conventions and Exhibitions: Article 45 of Law 2068 of 2020 and extended this benefit throughout the year 2022 with Law 2155 of 2021.
This VAT exemption is aimed at RESIDENTS in Colombia, nationals or foreigners, and/or natural and legal persons.
The support for the DIAN of this exemption is the copy of the Colombian citizenship card or, in the case of foreigners, the immigration card issued in Colombia.
Any corporate or social event that has the accommodation item associated with the invoice (first item posted on the invoice), regardless of the number of guests, can be granted VAT exemption, with which it would comply with what the law says. law and its respective definitions.
3. VAT exemption provided for in article 96 of Law 788 of 2002 and Decree 540 of 2004
When they occur: – Bilateral agreements – NGOs
According to Regulatory Decree 540 of 2004 in its Art. 4 it states: “General requirements of the exemption. For the origin of the exemption established in article 96 of Law 788 of 2002, the donor may execute the resources managing them directly; through international organizations; duly authorized public entities, or designate non-governmental organizations duly accredited in Colombia as executing entities of the donated funds, in each case having to meet the following general requirements:
1. In the case of the Non-Governmental Organization that is designated to administer and execute the resources, its legal representative must attach a certification issued by the Government or foreign entity granting the cooperation, stating its status as executing entity of the funds object of donation, having to keep separate accounting of the managed resources.
2. The legal representative of the entity that manages or executes the resources must issue a certification regarding each contract or operation carried out with the resources of the aid or donation, stating the name of the agreement, agreement or intergovernmental action that covers the aid or donation. , indicating the date thereof and the parties involved. This certification will serve as support for the exemption from the national stamp tax, the sales tax, the Levy on Financial Movements, (GMF) and other rates and contributions of the national order that may fall on the use of resources, certification which must be signed by the Statutory Auditor or Public Accountant, as the case may be.
For the application of this exemption, the aforementioned documents must be previously sent to the Hotel for the respective review and approval of the VAT exemption.
Hotel insurance is optional for Colombian territory.

• VAT 15% (not included in the rate)
• Service 10% (not included in the rate)
• City tax per night and room (not included in the rate)
• All passengers must pay the hotel insurance per night and person at the hotel.



Rates per night based on selected accommodations include:
– Breakfast (breakfast may vary per hotel).
– Access to the hotel’s guest lounge areas (if available).
– Wifi Internet access in all areas of the hotel.
– Parking for guests (subject to availability of each hotel, restrictions apply).
– Dann Hotels are smoke-free establishments, smoking in rooms or public areas is not allowed, there are penalties in case of non-compliance with this rule.
– Pets are not allowed in the hotel facilities.
– Conditions and restrictions may apply per date and per hotel.


The rates per night based on selected accommodation only include the value of accommodation
– Buffet breakfast at an additional cost of $ 51.000 per person *.
– Room cleaning service has an additional cost of $90.000 (rooms) or $140.000 (apartments), must be requested 24 hours in advance. *
– Wet areas service has an additional cost per day of $100.000 per person, paid in cash at the entrance of the SPA. *
– Pets are not allowed in the hotel facilities.
– Conditions and restrictions may apply.

* Costs for additional services will be explained at check-in.

Up to one minor under a certain age (depending on the hotel) can stay for free, with their parents or guardians using the existing beds. (Previous reservation and subject to availability) Breakfast not included for minors staying for free, this service must be assumed directly at the hotel.
1 child over a certain age (depends on the hotel) or an adult over 17 years old can stay for an additional fee (taxes not included). (Prior reservation and subject to availability).
All guests (Adults or minors) must show their identification document at Check in without exception. People traveling to Colombia with minors are advised to contact a Colombian consulate prior to travel for more information.
Dann Hotels complies with the law 1329 and 1356 of 2009 to combat commercial sexual exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism of children and adolescents. It is essential to present identity documents of minors at the time of check in.
Different conditions apply to the following properties:
Dann Bucaramanga: Up to one child under 2 years old can stay with their parents or representatives. Additional cost is generated for children between 2 and 12 with their parents or representatives using existing beds. Children over 12 years old are considered as an adult.
Check In Policy (entering the hotel) and Check Out (exiting the hotel)
Your reservation begins at 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and ends at 1:00 p.m. on the day of departure.
Restrictions apply to the following properties:
Daniel Cartagena:Your reservation begins at 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and ends at 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure.
Dann Carlton Quito:Your reservation begins at 2:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and ends at 12:00 p.m. on the day of departure.
Early check in / Late check out policy:
Subject to occupation and must be requested in advance. If it is not informed and authorized by the hotel, you will have an additional charge.

All reservations must be guaranteed with a valid credit card.

Refundable rates
Cancellations or changes made 24 hours before admission will not be penalized. After this time, 100% of the first night of accommodation will be charged as a penalty.
Non-refundable rates
The hotel has charges for cancellations and modifications:
– The reservation does not allow modifications.
– In case of cancellation, the entire stay will be charged.
– In case of no-show, the full amount of the deposit will be charged.
– For early departure, the entire stay will be charged.
– Payment in advance: the total amount will be charged at the time of making the reservation.

No Show or No Show:
The Parties agree that, in case of no-show of the Client on the start date of its reservation or event, the Hotel will proceed, as follows:

  1. The value of the first night’s accommodation for no-shows or no-shows as a general rule.
  2. In case of non-refundable rates duly published informed, it should be 100% of the value of the stay.
  3. In case of receiving a previous deposit, it should be the equivalent value of the deposit received.

In the case of events, the value of the first day of the event will be retained, including all the items contemplated in the quotation.